Post Couch Routine

Happy Hump Day! If your week is anything like mine, you may still feel like it’s Monday. Last week I was out sick with strep throat (I am not the kind of person to push through illness, so I took off from everything to be a vegetable). This week I am doing double time to make up for my absence from society. Missing the gym hurt the most. School and work I could manage from the couch, but my gains were lost between the cushions. I know rest and recovery is vital to fighting strep, so I allowed myself to enjoy being lazy while I could.

But that was last week, and now I’m finding my strength again.

How I missed being active! Nothing feels better than a solid sweaty workout. As much as I wanted to walk into the gym and lift everything I could find, I eased myself into it. Here’s my “Post-couch” routine:

Squat hold 90 sec, plank hold 90 sec

Single-leg press 3×10 each leg superset with 10 slider lunges- focus on lengthening the inner thigh and hip flexors

Banded chest fly superset with overhead tricep extensions 3×20

Cable chops 4×25 + weighted crunches 4×25 + side plank hold 30 sec each side

Banded reverse fly 3×20 superset with close grip pull-ups (5) or bicep curls (20) if your pull-ups are lacking the “up”

For the final burnout I grabbed a set of 15 lb dumbbells and performed 10 reps of the following back to back for 5 mins… Bench press, squat, bent-over row, stiff-leg deadlift. Do NOT put the dumbbells down. Holding for that length of time increases your grip strength.

*Cool down and stretch*

While I usually crawl out of the gym feeling like Jell-O, I actually walked out with strong warm muscles. I made sure everything was worked to the point of activation instead of failure. I kept the weight light and reps reasonable. The following day I felt stiffness in my glutes and abs (goal!) so I followed up with 30 minutes of static stretching and light cardio. No tight hip flexors are gonna hold me back from lifting heavier next week!

Coming out of any common illness, make sure you are 100% healed before stepping foot in a gym. Also be mindful of any medications you are taking. Check out this article that touches on the ricks of exercise while on antibiotics.






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