Homework for May

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had great workouts this weekend. I was out of town but still managed to get a full body workout in on Sunday. Today starts a new month (my bday month) so I’ve got some new workouts ready for you to take on! If you’re a client of mine, you’ll complete these on days we don’t train together.

  1. Run .25 miles then for 20 reps each complete bicycle crunches, leg raises, and crunches. 4 rounds and you’ll have run 1 mile 🙂
  2. Row 500m then hop on the ab machine and do 10 reps at a challenging weight followed by 10 cable chops each side. Then repeat 3 more rounds (you will be all over the gym in this circuit)
  3. Hit the stairmaster for 2 mins at the fastest pace you can maintain then complete 10 ablitorators (hold a plank and cross each knee in to the opposite elbow and then out to the elbow on the same side to finish 1 rep) Do the whole set 3x total.

Good luck and may the gains be with you 😉



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