Daily Burn

One of the most common questions I receive is, “Is there anything I should be doing daily to help my progress?” Oh yes. There are a lot of things health-wise you can do daily! Looking past the umbrella of “eat healthy and exercise” make sure you’re filling your diet with protein, complex carbs, and mono/polyunsaturated fats.

As far as exercise goes, focus on firing up those core muscles by doing marches/bridges/side bridges for 1 minute each and getting your cardio done. HIIT or sprinting is something I do everyday and it’s never for more than 10 minutes; however, I have one endurance day a week where I run a 4 mile loop at a steady pace for about 35 minutes. The key is don’t be repetitive when it comes to cardio. Switch it up everyday to avoid injury. Feel free to contact me if you need ideas.

Don’t forget to stretch! And yes I mean everyday for at least 10 minutes. The most commonly tight muscles include hamstrings, calves, back, hip flexors, piriformis, chest, and shoulders.

There’s always something you can do for your body. But don’t underestimate the power of r&r. In order to see change, muscles need time to adapt before they are broken down again. Give yourself a rest day once a week. You can use that time to meal prep or spend extra time with family and friends 🙂


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