Sick Workout

Today feels like Monday for me as I’m going back to work for the first time since Friday morning 🙂 I’m so glad to be up and moving after spending the weekend on the couch. When it comes to being sick, I’ve never been the type to tough it out. I can kill myself in the gym, but as soon as I start sniffling I’m down for the count. Because I work at a gym, this is a good thing! I avoid spreading my germs around and getting anyone else sick. BUT I still managed to maintain muscle mass as a vegetable. Of course I keep workout equipment everywhere (my apt, car..) just in case a situation calls for a workout. I wasn’t doing any cardio because it hurt to breathe, but I used resistance bands and my own body weight to keep a solid pump throughout the weekend B)

Warm Up: Marches 1 minute, Bridges 1 minute, Side Bridges 1 min each side

Resistance Band Circuit: Squats 50x, Deadlifts 50x, Monster Walk 25x each way, Bicep Curl and Military Press 50x, Chest Fly and Press 50x, Ab Rotations 25x each way, Row and Reverse Fly 50x, Tricep Overhead Extension 50x

I did this once a day to keep my body strong during the r&r weekend.


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