This is for my fabulous clients to complete outside of our training. Since I’m such a nice person I’m giving y’all some options- workout A or workout B. 😉

A. Sprint Workout

Sets Distance Rest Instructions
4 40-meter sprint @ 95% Walk back to the start Do one set every 2-min. Rest for a full 5-min after all 4 sets.
1 400 meter sprint 2-minute Sprint as fast as possible.
4 100 meter strides Walk back to the start Easy strides, cool-down

Cool-down: Jog ½-mile and finish with some easy stretching.

B. Rowing Intervals-  5 x 300 meters with 60 seconds rest between sets

Feel free to conquer both of these throughout the week if you’re up for the challenge!

Don’t forget about the most important part… your diet! Supplement your hard work with good fuel. Add these seasonal fruits and vegetables to your meals this month.


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