Full Body Burnout

It’s cutting season! Winter is almost over. Summer is just a few months away. You’ve been building muscle all winter, time to shred those extra lbs to reveal your hard work. Put down that heavy weight and focus on hitting failure in your workouts. My favorite way to way to shred is by doing a combination of pyramid and burnout sets for my lifts. I start with 20 reps. Then I go up, adding 10lbs every set until 20 reps is unattainable. Once I peak, I work my way back down in one burnout set. I start with my peak weight but rep it until failure. Then drop about 10-20 lbs and rep it until failure… continue this pattern until the weight is gone or you muscles turn to jelly. It’s quick and effective.

You can apply pyramid/burnout sets to any exercise. For weight loss, focus on full body workouts and supersets.

Squat 4×20, 1x until failure

Bench 4×20, 1x until failure

Deadlift 4×20, 1x until failure

Row 4×20, 1x failure

Adduction/Abduction 4×20, 1x failure

Lat Pulldown 4×20, 1x failure

Cable Rotations 3×20, 1x failure


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