The Ab Formula

TGIF! You made it through another week, and that’s something to celebrate this weekend… by going to the gym! As I was sitting here thinking of what to talk about before I kick off my weekend, one of my best friends texted me asking for a good ab workout. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked about how to get abs. I’d like to clarify something before you hit the gym and try to destroy your core for 30 mins. No single factor will reveal or sculpt your abs. It’s a formula, and it’s different for everyone. Genetics play a large role, but let’s focus on how to build them. Doing crunches, planks, rotations will strengthen your abs. Clean eating and HIIT training will reveal them. My secret to success is running. Nothing tightens my core like sprints do. I love a good ab workout to build strength, but eating clean and running intervals incinerates the fat on my stomach. If you have been doing 10000 crunches a day and still don’t see results, try this interval workout 3x a week instead.

Find a treadmill (usually located in a gym)

Get on the treadmill (don’t run away)

Bump the incline up to 3 and sprint as fast as you can for 1 minute.

Rest for 1.5 minutes

Bump the incline up to 6, then 9, and finally 12 (4 sprints, 1 minute each, 1.5 minute recovery in between)

Now you can rest by doing an ab workout… cable rotations and stability ball crunches are my go to’s.

Repeat the sprints 2 more times followed by the ab exercises.

Then go eat some grilled chicken and veggies 😉

There is your ab formula!



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