The Fear of Bulking

I spend most of my day in the gym working and working out. It’s my job, and I love it! To gain perspective, I always pay attention to members’ routines. I’ve noticed an intriguing pattern… from watching the ladies in my gym who lift, most of them are only training legs! I asked some of my friends and coworkers if they picked up on this parallel, and they laughed and said “when’s the last time you saw a girl train upper body?” If you could only see the steam coming from my head. My investigation didn’t cease there. I was just getting started 🙂 I bugged my girlfriends too. A few of them were up for the challenge of an upper body workout, but others didn’t want their arms to get bulky (more steam from my head). Ladies, if you relate to this fear, I am here to put those fears to rest! You will not get bulky from lifting weights if you follow the right set/rep scheme. It takes a lot more than you think for those GI Jane arms. Your diet plays a large role as well. As long as you aren’t overeating, you will not “get huge”.
Most of us aren’t striving for Arnold’s guns, so there’s no need to lift like him either. To tone instead of bulk, simply drop the weight until you can do 12-20 reps. However, make sure that last rep is close to failure. If you can breeze through 20, then bump it up. Don’t be afraid to burn.

Another way to tone is by reducing the amount of rest between sets. Your heart rate will stay up and so will your caloric expenditure. Try to keep it under a minute.

One of my favorite ways to build lean muscle is through supersetting. This means working two different muscles back to back. You can do upper/lower or anterior/posterior combinations.

To sum it all up, don’t be afraid to lift weights and work your upper body! Tone arms are beautiful. It’s healthy to workout your entire body, so give your legs a break and do a few curls.

Good Luck!


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  1. Maha · October 31, 2016

    Thanks for the great advice! Looking forward to toning up head to toe…and fearlessly I might add!

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