Count Your Macros

Happy Friday everyone!

I want to start the weekend off right, putting a common diet myth to rest. With the holidays around the corner, I hear more and more about cleansing and low calorie diets. But this time of year is no different than the rest of the year. Moderation is always the key to a healthy LIFESTYLE. Not a healthy week or month 🙂 As true as this is, many people still try to take short cuts to reach their weight goals. One of the popular ways to lose weight is by restricting calories, cutting carbs or cutting fats. Restricting your calories too low or cutting out a macronutrient entirely is a big mistake! Yes you will lose weight, but that weight will come from muscle mass. Your body needs a certain amount of calories and carbs in order to function, and it needs fats to insulate your body and protect your vital organs. Why starve yourself of things you need? Excluding one of these important nutrients for too long will wreck your metabolism. When you decide to eat carbs or fats again, your body will not respond the same. Unfortunately, you will likely gain the weight back. If you want to cut something out of your diet, eliminate processed foods, sugars, alcohol, fast food, trans fats, limit sodium intake… there are so many other things to cleanse yourself of than the things that keep your body running.

Save yourself the stress of a binge diet and balance your macronutrients. Don’t focus on how many calories you are eating, but rather where those calories are coming from. If you are eating enough of what your body needs, you will see results that will last AND you will feel great because you are not depriving your hard working body of fuel. Take advantage of this macronutrient calculator to figure out what your body requires. If you are wondering how low is too low for calories click here to find out. Always remember my golden rule: Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Check out these websites for more info 🙂


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