9 to 5 Workout

This is for you 9 to 5 grinders or anyone that spends most of their timeat work.

As I pick up more clients at my gym, I’m finding less time and energy to workout.
I workout other people for a living, I shouldn’t have a problem exercising! I thought I had only two options: (1) wake up earlier, or (2) go to bed later. I tested these options and my workouts were great; but I lost energy for work, and I had trouble sleeping.
Time to find a “Plan C!” I had to utilize my daytime. I started splitting up my workout throughout the day! When you break it down, my workouts were only an hour, 3 sets of an exercise took about 5 minutes. I could easily do that on my breaks! Just about every houror in between clients, I would do a quick circuit or a few sets of an exercise then get back to work! This should have been my “Plan A!” I felt awesome and my energy level stayed high.

Working at a gym definitely made it easier for me, but here’s a circuit you can do anywhere!


Repeat throughout the day when you can:

Lunge Jumps ​​20x

Pushups​​ 10x

Plie Squat Pulses​ (stay low and pulse up and down) 20x

Dips​​​ (you can do these by using the edge of a chair or a desk) 10x

Kickbacks​​ 20x each leg

Superman​​ 10x hold last rep for 10 seconds 


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