Ab Attack!

Happy Tuesday 🙂 Time to “focus” on our abs!

I love to workout my abs to music. It helps me stay focused (hehe) Ariana Grande makes the perfect song for an upbeat workout. It’s called “Focus” and I can’t help but jam out every time I hear it!  Here’s the rundown…

Bicycle Crunches and Bridges… that’s it! You are going to alternate between a fast and slow pace. During the verse, keep that slow pace. When the chorus hits or when the song gets a little more upbeat, speed it up! Start out with slow bicycle crunches followed by fast bicycle crunches. Whenever you feel the need to rest, squeeze your glutes and hold that bridge pose for no more than 20 seconds then jump back to those crunches. It’s only 4 minutes so fight through it!

Ready to feel the burn? Play the song below and start sweating!



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