Treat Yourself

It is extremely difficult to give up desserts in our society. It seems everywhere you go their is a cupcake or a cookie calling your name. I’ve learned to always be prepared. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach and keep a healthy snack with you! My friends love fast food, and i would always feel left out when we went out to eat because i couldn’t order anything. I learned to start packing healthy organic snacks to munch on when they felt like grabbing something greasy!

Trader Joes has a variety of packaged products that are perfect for the healthy eater on the go! Strawberry-apple sauce, protein bars, turkey jerky, sweet potato chips… my mouth is watering just listing them! Take time to plan ahead and you won’t get stuck with a greasy processed burger in your hands that you will regret eating an hour later!!

Try this delicious and healthy recipe for gluten free Protein Brownies! They are a great way to treat yourself without the guilt!

~~Remember that everything is acceptable in moderation! if your favorite food is unhealthy and you can’t resist, just give yourself a conservative portion and savor it! or try to find a healthier way to make it. you will be much happier with this reasonable compromise. 😀


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