Input vs. Output

When it comes to being in shape, most people think of going to the gym on a regular basis. “You can eat whatever you want as long as you workout!” is a common phrase just about everyone has heard. But is it really true? Can you eat whatever you want and expect to see the results you’ve been working for?

The answer is no.

You have to have a well-balanced input in accordance with the output. Whatever you put into your body will affect the performance of your workout. Would that delicious slice of pizza help you push through that last set of burpees? probably not..

And if you are trying to lose weight (not just maintain your awesome physique!) your output must be greater than your input. there are 3,500 calories in 1 pound of fat. Multiply that number by the number of pounds you want to lose (lets just say 5lbs) that means you have to burn 17,500 calories! But don’t worry! You can lose that 5 pounds in just over a month if you have a daily caloric deficit around 564. Not all of that will come from exercise, but from changing your diet too! However, it can be hard to workout on a restricted-calorie diet, so make sure that your body has time to adjust to the new meal plan before busting your tail at the gym! Just fuel your body with the right foods that don’t slow you down.

~~~Personally I have had great workouts with an unhealthy diet then after a few weeks pass I feel lethargic and cease the gym time. The only way I have fixed this imbalance is by focusing on my diet. When I have completely mastered my meal plans and am able to stick with the diet I have created for myself, I shift the attention to what I do in the gym. Now that I can properly fuel my workouts, I can progress them much quicker and without the feeling of burning out after a few weeks of intense gym sessions.


Treat Yourself

It is extremely difficult to give up desserts in our society. It seems everywhere you go their is a cupcake or a cookie calling your name. I’ve learned to always be prepared. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach and keep a healthy snack with you! My friends love fast food, and i would always feel left out when we went out to eat because i couldn’t order anything. I learned to start packing healthy organic snacks to munch on when they felt like grabbing something greasy!

Trader Joes has a variety of packaged products that are perfect for the healthy eater on the go! Strawberry-apple sauce, protein bars, turkey jerky, sweet potato chips… my mouth is watering just listing them! Take time to plan ahead and you won’t get stuck with a greasy processed burger in your hands that you will regret eating an hour later!!

Try this delicious and healthy recipe for gluten free Protein Brownies! They are a great way to treat yourself without the guilt!

~~Remember that everything is acceptable in moderation! if your favorite food is unhealthy and you can’t resist, just give yourself a conservative portion and savor it! or try to find a healthier way to make it. you will be much happier with this reasonable compromise. 😀

Lose weight the right way!

The countdown to summer is nearing an end, giving those who wish to improve their fitness less time to achieve their goals before they hit the beach and display their hard work. With this deadline drawing near, people may feel pressured to take shortcuts in order to achieve their goals by summer. The common quick fixes found in extreme dieting and exercise may provide results, but not without a cost. For example, many dieters will cut out macronutrients as a whole, such as carbs, in order to lose weight. This is starving the body of its main source of energy. The nervous system primarily depends on carbs to function; without the fuel, the body will slow down physically and mentally. The absence of this nutrient will produce weight loss results almost immediately along with negative long-term effects on the body. Cutting out carbs slows the metabolism and forces the body to break down fats and proteins for energy. When an individual begins introducing carbs back into their diet, their body will want to store the carbs instead of use them for energy because the nutrient has been depleted. That means say hello to those few pounds you just lost.

To summarize, there are no quick fixes. Give your body what it needs, and don’t over do it on the things it doesn’t need. Stock your fridge and pantry with organic meats and veggies, replace your processed sweet treats with nature’s candy- fruit, and break a sweat everyday by pairing up strength training and cardio! Your body will thank you for doing it the right way!

Hello world!

I’m Mariah! NASM certified personal trainer and NPTI certified basic nutritionist! I created this blog to share what i’ve learned about living a healthy lifestyle. My journey includes great health choices alongside some bad ones, so you get the full experience! 🙂 The bottom line: eat your veggies, break a sweat!